Scientific Publication on the EFSA Compiled Food Consumption Database now available

EFSA published a scientific report  written by Creme Global on the project which describes the mathematical model developed and used for this study. A scientific paper, also written by Creme Global, has been recently published on Food Additives & Contaminants: part A.

Food consumption data are a key element of dietary exposure and risk assessment so it is of fundamental importance to have reliable data, in particular for estimating the long-term exposure to chemicals and hazards that might be contained in foods.

The goal of this project was to create a harmonised database that could be used to replace the existing data available at individual European country level, which is generally short-term estimates of consumption and of varying quality. The creation of this database involved a high level of mathematical and computational analysis for estimating the usual intake of each food consumed in Europe from the national data.

We believe that the publication of this paper will represent an important step in the research and development of more accurate methods to estimate both the short and long-term food consumption of the European population. 

If you are interested in the above report and have any questions related to this, please contact Many thanks to the Creme Global Team for their help with this report and to Fanny Heraud from EFSA who worked closely with Creme Global on developing the model.

Written by Creme Global on November 4 2014

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