Personal Care

Use predictive modelling, data analytics and cloud computing to revolutionise product safety


  • Use refined risk assessment models to understand the impact of consumer products on consumer health; no more worst-case assumptions.
  • Apply predictive microbiology to understand and predict stability and shelf-life of cosmetics. Save time and money on challenge studies.
  • Determine consumer exposure to any chemicals or ingredients using probabilistic models based on real consumer habits and practices data from around the globe.
  • Predict the safety of new product formulations and reduce the need for human and animal testing.

Data Collection & Management

  • Centralise and house all clinical studies and product safety data in the cloud and on one application.
  • Avail of data collection services and data portal development for sensitive and commercial data.
  • Develop predictive models based on historical data to develop safer products, reduce testing, bringing products to market in a faster and more cost-effective manner.
  • Use Creme Global as a trusted third party for gathering industry-wide data at a trade association level.

Technical Services

  • Use our in-house expert team of data scientists specialising in cosmetics and personal care products to address specific questions relevant to you.
  • Partner with us on scientific analysis, expert elicitation, literature reviews, technical reports and scientific publication writing.
  • Avail of custom and bespoke statistical analyses and exploratory model development.

We Work With


  • “Leading global companies in multiple industries rely on our models and software”

12 of the top 15 food companies, 7 of the top 10 cosmetics and personal care companies, and 6 of the top 10 chemicals companies use our software to better understand their products and their impact on consumers.


  • “Regulators across 3 continents deploy our safety platforms in decision making”

Governments use our software to aid in creating regulations and in communicating with industry on safety. Our platforms give a shared point of reference.


  • “Leading academic institutes are our partners in research”

Academia use our software to greatly increase the speed and viability of research projects into food safety, nutrition and human health. Our platforms are flexible, allowing for a broad range of applications in research.


Creme Care & Cosmetics

Consumer analysis and safety assessment of personal care and cosmetic products

Expert Models

Publish models, run simulations, collaborate with your team, work with data - all within a simple UI

Recent Case Studies

European Consumer Exposure to Cosmetics


Quantitative study on the habits and practices of consumers in the European Union.

Creme RIFM


The Creme RIFM model provides a detailed aggregate systemic and dermal exposure assessment system for fragrance compounds.

"It was a pleasure working with Creme Ltd. on the COLIPA study 'EU Consumer Exposure to Cosmetic Products'; the Colipa project team truly appreciated the high level of knowledge and professionalism demonstrated by the Creme Global team throughout this project."
Chairperson - Project Team on Consumer Exposure to Cosmetics, COSMETICS EUROPE

Words from our team


Our Modelling Process

The output of an analytics project may be a report, white paper, or ongoing expert support.

Open Door Video Series

We put together a video series to allows us talk about some of the different disciplines and domains specialities within Creme Global.

Data Collection & Data Analytics

Data modelling and data science rely on quality data in order to produce robust and valid results.

Total Aggregate Exposure

Modelling multiple exposures from the foods we eat, cosmetics we apply to our skin, perfumes we inhale and pesticides.

Case Study: Cosmetics Europe

Habits and practices of consumers in the European Union.