If you have deep domain expertise in your field and a need for advanced analytics, please contact us about partnership opportunities to bring our data model development and deployment capabilities to your work.

We provide the analytics platform, data science and model development services for you to engage with more strategic and long term projects with your clients.

Benefits for Our Partners:

  • Transform your business by adding a data, analytics and technology offering to your services
  • Access state of the art technology capability to deliver advanced data analytics systems on the cloud to your clients
  • Develop more strategic and long term relationships with your clients through online cloud computing systems and services
  • Generate new recurring revenue streams for your business via data analytics model services and fees
  • Open up opportunities to work in a more collaborative and iterative mode with your clients through data model development and deployment
  • Create trust with your clients through a secure and collaborative data infrastructure


How We Deliver for Partners

Expert Models, our powerful, yet user-friendly cloud computing, data, collaboration, analytics and modelling platform is designed to be scalable and extensible and is ready for deployment in new sectors. We have a growing list of partners helping us to deliver expert data analytics services and products for clients in new sectors and domains.

We are actively seeking new partners to build on this success and to further extend this initiative.

For more information on Expert Models click here or contact us to start a discussion on how we can work together.