Nutritional Intake Scenario Analysis for Decision Makers

The Creme Nutrition® model is very flexible. Firstly, it enables a specific food (or foods) to be substituted with an alternative food (or foods) in the diet. For example, replacing full fat milk with low fat milk for everyone, or for a certain percentage of the population. This change is achieved at the eating event level in the food consumption database. Using food replacements can help monitor the impact on a population’s nutrient intake when substituting high fat foods with low fat foods or low fibre products with high fibre substitutes, for example. This change in nutritional intake can then be understood in terms of health benefits to consumers.

To achieve this in Creme Nutrition®, a food replacement table is used. The food replacement table can be found under Advanced Options in the Summary tab in the assessment wizard.

Creme Nutrition® Food Replacement Table

The Creme Nutrition® expert model can also be used to assess the impact of changes in portion sizes. For example, reducing the portion size, or amount (g), of biscuits by 25%. This answers the question: if we changed the portion size of biscuits and assumed they were consumed in the same way, what would be the impact on nutrient intakes?

To carry out a portion size change in Creme Nutrition®, the Proportion field is used in the Food Replacement Table. For example, a Proportion value of 0.75 means that a portion size reduction of 25% will be applied in the model (as shown for Biscuits in the figure above). The impact of this change on the nutrient intake of the population will then be assessed.

Furthermore, a probabilistic element can be added to the food replacement model by adding a Replacement Probability to Food Replacement Table. This models the impact on diets of a certain percentage of products being reformulated or changed. For example, 80% of high fat foods being replaced by low fat foods in the marketplace.

In summary, the Creme Nutrition® expert model enables decision makers to understand the impact of portion size changes, reformulation and / or food substitution scenarios for consumers. This enables manufacturers, researchers and policy makers to make better decisions which will result in better products and healthier consumers.

Written by Creme Global on January 11 2013

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