Use data science to understand food intakes, nutrition and health in consumer populations to inform food formulation and public health strategies


  • User friendly off-the-shelf and bespoke scientific software models.
  • Global datasets from the US, Europe, China, Brazil, Mexico and others.
  • Assess intakes of foods, nutrients, supplements and other ingredients.
  • Customise your food groups and target specific populations within your chosen region.
  • Model dietary changes, such as new formulations, fortification, products and portion sizes on a populations intake and health.
  • Overcome data gaps by making use of probabilistic intake modeling.
  • Incorporate in-house data (brand specific composition, portion size, novel ingredients and additives) market share & sales data.
  • Identify optimal product formulations and predict the impact on targeted global markets and populations.

Data Collection & Management

  • Collate, capture and validate data with our expert services and domain knowledge.
  • Centralise and house all nutrition data in the cloud, and on one application.
  • Data collection and data portal development for sensitive and commercial data.
  • Use Creme Global as a trusted third party for gathering industry-wide data at a trade association level.
  • Personalised Nutrition: Custom tools to gather dietary intake information.

Technical Services

  • Using global datasets on consumer health and intakes.
  • Refined food and nutritional intake analysis and models.
  • Tailored data analysis and modelling for your business needs, including technical reporting and collaborations on scientific publications.

We Work With


  • “Leading global companies in multiple industries rely on our models and software”

12 of the top 15 food companies, 7 of the top 10 cosmetics and personal care companies, and 6 of the top 10 chemicals companies use our software to better understand their products and their impact on consumers.


  • “Regulators across 3 continents deploy our safety platforms in decision making”

Governments use our software to aid in creating regulations and in communicating with industry on safety. Our platforms give a shared point of reference.


  • “Leading academic institutes are our partners in research”

Academia use our software to greatly increase the speed and viability of research projects into food safety, nutrition and human health. Our platforms are flexible, allowing for a broad range of applications in research.


Creme Nutrition

Accurately assess and understand nutrient and food intakes across the globe

Expert Models

Publish models, run simulations, collaborate with your team, work with data - all within a simple UI

Recent Case Studies


University College Cork

Food-based solutions for Optimal vitamin D Nutrition and health through the life cycle.

Salt intake of the Irish population

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Using Creme expertise and software the FSAI were able to analyse the salt intake of the Irish population.


University College Dublin

Along with researchers at UCD, Creme Global have designed an online tool that will record the nutritional habits of the Irish population.

"Creme Global have built this salt model for FSAI and trained the Authority’s staff in its use so that further analysis can be done by FSAI in the future. This will allow FSAI to request salt reductions in foods with confidence that there will be a subsequent improvement in salt intake" - Salt Reduction Project Manager, FSAI

Words from our team

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