NHANES What We Eat in America, 2011-2012 is now Available in Creme Food Safety and Creme Nutrition

The dietary intake interview component of NHANES is called ‘What We Eat in America’ (WWEIA). The latest WWEIA data from the 2011-2012 survey is now fully validated against published results and is available in our Creme Nutrition® and Creme Food Safety® predictive intake models.

WWEIA comprises food intake data for over 9,000 subjects. These individuals are weighted so that the sampled population is representative of the US population as a whole. Anthropological measurements, ethnicity, socioeconomic classification and health status information are also provided for each subject allowing for detailed sub-population analysis in our models.

The participants’ eating events are recorded in great detail, including the time when each item was consumed and the portion size specifics. The energy values and 64 nutrients/food components were collected for the foods and beverages consumed (including water). All of this data is now available in our models allowing detailed nutritional intake analysis broken down by the contribution of various meals consumed throughout the day. The consumption of dietary supplements was also recorded which gives a more complete view of the total diet.

The NHANES data is an example of the non-consecutive two-day 24-hour dietary-recall protocol which was affirmed recently as the gold standard approach in dietary intake surveys by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). One Day dietary recall data is also available for all of the respondents in the survey.

This new survey when combined with our range of intake modelling software provides a powerful platform for food safety assessment and nutritional intake analysis for demographic groups in the US.


Written by Sandrine Pigat on December 3 2014

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