New Release – Creme RIFM – Aggregate Exposure Modelling (v1.0)

This new product has been built in collaboration with the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and leading scientists from RIFM’s member organizations.

This new system enables researchers to assess consumer exposure to fragrance materials which can be present across a wide range of cosmetic, personal care, and air-care products. The aggregate exposure model uses a fully probabilistic approach to calculate the exposure values (as opposed to simple deterministic / summation models), ensuring the most accurate and realistic model of consumer exposure.

A complete product usage diary comes pre-installed in the system; capturing the actual cosmetic and personal care product use of over 36,000 consumers representing Europe and USA adults. In addition, real data are provided for other exposure factors like subject body weight, skin surface area, amount of each product use, and the body part on which each product is applied. This very detailed data set means we can calculate systemic exposure (per kg bodyweight), dermal exposure (per cm2 skin surface area), and also includes an Inhalation Model which calculates exposure to certain products which can be present in the air (e.g. Spray Deodorants, Hair Spray, Scented Candles, Air Fresheners).

As part of our collaboration with RIFM, and their industry partners, we have pre-calculated the aggregate exposure to over 40 of the most commonly used fragrance compounds. The exposure statistics for all of these fragrances are available in the system, and we will be adding to this list of fragrances throughout 2014. In addition, if you want to model consumer exposure to any other fragrance compound, it’s simply a case of specifying the concentration of that substance in the products of interest. The system can then calculate the full aggregate exposure for the fragrance, and will automatically provide a full report on the analysis.

Like many of our other software systems, the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Modelling system is powered by latest in Cloud Computing technologies. This means we can run as many exposure assessments as required, all at the same time – delivering accurate results as quickly as possible. Data sets and assessments results are securely stored on our cloud servers, meaning you can access them from anywhere; and making research collaboration very easy.

The combination of our comprehensive data sets, expert probabilistic modelling, and high performance compute power mean that this new system is unparalleled in terms of detail of analysis and accuracy of results.

If you’re interested to find out more about Creme RIFM – Aggregate Exposure Modelling (v1.0), including a full list of products included in the model, see our Creme RIFM information page.

Written by Creme Global on March 5 2014

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