New Creme Food® Release - Improvements and Updated Features

Streamlining of Menu Options

The file menus and the menus displayed when items are right-clicked have been streamlined and have been made consistent in the presentation of options in the data tab as well as in the assessments tab in Creme Food®.

All of the many assessment post-processing options are now available in the right-click menu for assessments, while also being retained in the toolbar main ‘Output’ menu outside of the assessment folder. This ensures that all options are available from the same location.

The former Custom Statistics feature is now known as ‘Custom Statistics Generator’ and can be accessed via the menu options above. This option combines the previous customs statistics options, Custom Statistics (Inc. Stratification) and Custom Statistics Report, generating an excel report in parallel the custom statistics output table.

Check for Unsupported Characters in Creme Food®

A check has been implemented in the software to avoid characters that are not supported from being entered or uploaded to the system. An unsupported character replacement feature has been implemented and this allows you to complete the upload with any unsupported characters being replaced with a ‘?’. This has been implemented for ‘Upload by Table Type’, ‘Upload’ and ‘Advanced Update’ features. A list of supported and unsupported characters can be found in the Creme Food® Manual (Chapter 2.5.1. Uploading Tables in Creme Food®).This quality check helps avoiding assessments from crashing due to any data discrepancies in your input data.

General User Interface Improvements

There have been many user interface improvements in this release, including:

  • The Add/Remove chemicals option in Nutrient assessments has been improved to include a 'Select All' option, allowing users to easily select all chemicals.
  • Improvements have been made to allow large Chemicals Tables to be handled in the Assessment Wizard for Contaminant and Substance assessment types. Up to 2,000 chemicals can now be validated while ensuring responsiveness of the Assessment Wizard for larger data sets.
  • Assessment name length has now been extended which allows users to add more detailed names for assessments.
  • Improvements have been made to the ‘Copy Filtered table’ feature.
  • Message content within the groups stage of the Assessment Wizard has been improved providing more useful information to the user when moving foods and groups to the right-hand side.
  • Improvements to quick filters within comparison assessments output tables and input data tables have been made, quick filters are now provided if there are up to 300 distinct values in a given data column.

The Creme Food® Manual has been updated to reflect changes that have been made in this release.

Please contact for more details and assistance, or to leave comments and feedback.

Written by Sandrine Pigat on November 4 2013

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