Model Development & Deployment

At Creme Global we have 10 years experience writing data models that drive major global projects and software.

Expert Models for Decision Makers

Creme Global delivers Expert Models for Decision Makers. This is our gold standard service where we work closely with our clients to create new models and databases which support scientists and innovators in our field.

Every industry needs to assess its impact on consumers and the environment. Creme Global develops databases, models, and software covering industry sectors that can be used for risk assessment and analysis to assess consumer exposure to various substances used by that sector, or even covering multiple sectors.

This ensures the protection of consumer health and enhances innovation by allowing companies to bring new products to market faster and with less uncertainty, by using the predictive intake models developed by Creme Global.

Predictive Models Delivered

The data gathered during the project is tested, validated and installed in our predictive models in the cloud to provide simple and powerful access to decision making tools for our clients and partners.

Building a Software Solution

We take the validated data and models and build a software platform to allow you to tailor exposure analyses and view results in an easy-to-understand reporting system.

Examples of our Expert Models that we have developed in partnership with industry are CARES NG, the FACET model, the Creme RIFM model and Creme Food Safety.

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