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The expert models we work on at Creme Global help to generate information and data globally and the Creme Global LinkedIn Discussion Group provides an excellent forum to disseminate and discuss these.

The group is also an active forum for sharing news and answering questions in the areas including consumer exposure, food and nutrition, cosmetics, expert modelling, statistics, data analysis, and cloud computing.

The Creme Global Discussion Group is gaining momentum and now has over 100 members, comprising of people working in various sectors such as food safety, nutrition, exposure analysis, data analysis and regulatory affairs.

The LinkedIn Discussion Group is free to join and as a member of this group, you will have access to the latest updates and news in our areas. Click here to view the latest group discussions and join the group for free today.

For more information on our products and service visit our Creme Global Products and Services page or contact us. Please feel free to recommend the Creme Global Discussion Group to any of your colleague or friends you feel may be interested in receiving our up to date news and participating in our discussions.

Written by Creme Global on May 29 2013

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