Intertek Cantox Announces Its Use of Creme Food

Senior Intake Specialist, Dr. Áine Hearty proclaims that Creme gives them the ability to meet Intertek Cantox’s goal to advance the growing need for refined and realistic exposure assessments. As stated by Dr. Hearty, “With this important and industry-leading tool, we are able to expand our abilities to meet the demands of our clients, satisfy regulatory bodies and ultimately provide transparency and reassurance to the consumer.”

Creme Food uses high-performance computing with probabilistic modelling, distribution-fitting tools, and the incorporation of market share and loyalty factors to enable Intertek Cantox's intake specialists to refine their estimates of a target population's potential exposure to compounds of interest.

Creme is very pleased to provide its industry leading service to Intertek Cantox for their consumer exposure assessments, and even prouder that we enable them to provide even more refined and detailed results to their clients.

Click here to read the full press release.

Written by Creme Global on January 25 2012

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