Creme Global can help insurance companies use their data to gain insight into their business.

We use predictive models and software along with policy holder’s data to identify areas of growth and caution. We provide software and training to make analysts independent. We also provide around the clock support. Some of the scenarios an insurance analytics solution can help with are:


Claims analytics

Identify fraud in the claims process. Predict claim traffic to assign resources at the right moment.

Underwriting analytics

Risk management around the selection of propositions for underwriting.

Rate evasion

Identify rate manipulation during the signup process.

Reduce fraud

Prevent and detect instances of fraud.


Perform customer segmentation, predict customer lapses, up-sell and cross-sell.

Web analytics

Link your online customer experience, including segmentation.


During our long-lasting collaboration with Creme, the team have always demonstrated technical competence and provided rapid feedback in resolving all day to day problems related to the use of the software. Moreover the team have shown that they have the capability of supporting their clients in their efforts to develop new ideas and share their customers’ enthusiasm for achieving important goals.
David Arcella – INRAN