We just got nominated for a DatSci Award

The DatSci awards celebrates Ireland’s Data Science Talent with Ireland’s biggest Data Science Party.

The DatSci Awards is taking place on September 21st in Croke Park, where the country’s finest Data Science Talent will be awarded across 8 categories. You get the opportunity to connect with over 400 members of the Data Science Community. Pick up a ticket here.

Furthermore we are delighted to announce that our Chief Science Officer Cian O’Mahony, has reached the finals for “Data Scientist of the Year”. Judging was conducted by an expert panel of judges in July to select 5 Finalists for the coveted title of Data Scientist of the Year sponsored by Deloitte.

Cian’s Award Project

Cian and his team were tasked with applying data-science techniques industry wide (via a trade association) to develop realistic estimates of consumer risk and exposure to fragrances. A predictive model of consumer safety and proprietary data on concentrations of fragrances used in products is essential for the model. Gathering this sensitive data was overcome by continuous stakeholder engagement, secure data portals for fragrance companies to submit data, along with anonymisation and aggregation of data in a centralised and collaborative data modelling system.

Since moving to computational approaches to fragrance safety developed Cian and his team, the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) estimate that they have saved over $477M dollars and saved the lives of over 116,000 animals.


Written by Creme Global on August 3 2017

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