H2020 Partner

Creme Global are experienced H2020 and EU FP partners. We have carried out major projects in the life sciences with particular focus on data science in the food, packaging, nutrition, chemicals and personalised nutrition domains.

We work in any area where there is a need for data platforms and advanced modelling. In all the projects we’ve partnered in we’ve brought unique capabilities, experience and technology, whether it be cloud computing technology, data wrangling and modelling expertise, intake/exposure assessment tools and knowledge, as well as software design, development and testing.

Why work with us?
We have a stellar track record in R&D and a desire to partner on cutting-edge H2020 projects where we can add value through our technology and team. We have led and participated in work packages in past and current H2020 projects.

Current H2020 Projects




GLOPACK will promote diffusion to users and consumers of three existing key enabling food packaging technologies namely (a) biodegradable packaging materials issued from agro-food wastes conversion, (b) active packaging to improve food preservation and shelf life without additives and (c) RFID enable wireless food spoilage indicator. By involving all food chain stakeholders, from the researcher up to the consumer, GLOPACK project will develop a strategy enabling the reduction of food environmental footprint and acceleration of the transition to a circular economy. Creme Global will use its track record and expertise in Data Science Technology to improve existing tools from partners, deploy them in the Creme Global cloud platform Expert Models, while also combining certain tools where there are synergies.

Past FP Projects

FACET, standing for Flavours, Additives and Food Contact Materials Exposure Tool, is an advanced consumer exposure analysis tool for Europe. View case study

Food4Me (FP7)
Is it possible to design a better, healthier and more individual diet? Understanding the relationship between food and gene expression may make this a reality. Food4Me is a university led, EU funded research project investigating all aspects of this exciting field. View project webpage

Food-based solutions for Optimal vitamin D Nutrition and health through the life cycle. View case study.

Creme Global is a partner in the European Framework project called BACCHUS. View case study.