Foodbook24 – Ireland’s First Online Dietary Intake Tool

Creme Global and University College Dublin’s school of Agriculture and Food Science have developed Ireland’s first online dietary intake tool, to capture the nutritional and dietary habits of the nation. Foodbook24 allows participants to recall their dietary intake for the previous 24 hours (24-hour recall method) and get personalised feedback on what they are eating.

Creme Global has designed the user experience to easily allow input of additional information regarding portion sizes, quickly quantifying how much has been eaten. FoodBook24 is ground-breaking as previously this collection of data was a manual task based on interviews between a participant and an administrator, whereby the interviewer posed a series of questions to the participant regarding their dietary intake data.

FoodBook24 uses the latest technology to allow easy administration and updates of the tool (ensuring it keeps pace with the changing dietary habits of the population) and fast interactive responses to user inputs even when there are large bursts of interactions.

Want Personalised Feedback about what YOU eat?

Participants can register for the tool using the self sign up functionality. Automated emails are sent to participants to verify accounts. The software sends a reminder to allow participants to complete the survey in their own time. Anyone who records their daily food intake will then be emailed detailed personal feedback directly. If you are interested in free dietary feedback, register and get feedback on your diet here.

Creme Global has a proven record of over 10 years in dietary data collection, analysis, nutrition and software through our products such as Creme Nutrition which focuses on Predictive Intake Modelling. To find out more about our Creme Nutrition® platform and services, please contact us at

Written by Creme Global on September 8 2016

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