Reformulation Report Shows Significant Reduction in Salt, Fat and Sugar Intakes in Ireland

In an industry first-of-its-kind project, the impact of industry reformulation efforts on Irish consumer intakes have been quantified by a major study featured recently on Food Navigator.

Voluntary reformulation efforts in the food and drink industry have resulted in reducing sodium, sugar, total fat, saturated fat and energy contents from their products over the years, in some cases a reduction of up to 37% in nutrients sold was observed.

Over the last three years Creme Global worked with the Food and Drink Industry Ireland to quantify reformulation efforts of major consumer food and drink manufacturers.

Data points such as sales and food composition data for over 600 products were gathered for two time points to assess the shift in consumer intakes between 2005 and 2012 . Using national food consumption surveys, the impact of reformulation in the Irish population over these 2 time points was assessed in terms of daily intakes. High level results showed that on average teenagers are eating 42 teaspoons less sugar per year as a result of the reformulation.

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Written by Sandrine Pigat on February 9 2016

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