Expert Models

Our platform Expert Models allows us to launch complex data science products quickly. We simply turn on powerful modules based on your needs. This allows us to focus most of our time on the unique aspects of your data science challenge.

The Value Add


Expert Models is built on top of Amazon Web Servers, the same stack that runs Netflix, AirBnB, Slack, Adobe and is used by NASA. As well as best in class security, Amazon gives incredible scalability that can be automated for user load. We have added our own proprietary technology to scale for the processing loads required by data models.


A leading reason to put your project onto our platform is the cost saving. We have already built many of the essential primitive elements that make up a data science solution. These include account management, data editors, file management systems, data up-loaders, modelling engines. We can bring primative elements together quickly and get you up and running in days. Our platform can be white labelled so it is entirely your product, or run as Expert Models.




Your data will have the same level of safety demanded by the worlds leading tech companies. On Amazon Web Services we can guarantee one point of entry that is highly secure. Hosting data within your organisation is often less secure unless web security is your core competency.


The cloud immediately makes collaboration an obvious step. Expert Models provides a shared folder where users can share assets they wish their team to have access to. Deploy your analytics in user-friendly interfaces to anyone through a web browser.

Accuracy & Reproducibility

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to achieve accuracy and reproducibility in our analytics products. Accuracy is achieved through validated code and validated data. Reproducibility is achieved by keeping copies of the essential data for re-creating scenarios.


Data Management

Customers of Expert Models benefit from a suite of data management capabilities.

  • Excel like editors
  • SQL editor
  • Import / export
  • Data types & validation
  • API to data
  • Sharing


Our platform offers best of class analytics.

  • Charting libraries
  • Reporing
  • Performance analysis
  • Predictive analytics


Our platform hosts data models.

  • User Interfaces for inputs including forms, wizards, uploaders
  • Reproducibility features for robust modelling
  • Scheduling
  • APIs



Our Users

Our platform can have touchpoints across your organisation

Data Scientist

This user may spend their day running models with varied inputs and have expectations of accurate results that are reproducible.  They may wish to see their outputs in clean reports.

Data Manager

Whether in finance, marketing, energy or data science, there may be someone on your team responsible for the integrity of your data. Our platform can sit between your business and its data.

Decision Maker

Decision makers may want quick insights in the form of dashboards, reports or even email alters. Our platform becomes part of their workflow to enhance decision making.


Analysts maybe want simple tools to replace error prone Excel macros, or analytics tools that are more tailored than offer the shelf solutions.


Our platform may be incorporated into your employees workflow without them ever logging into our software. For example, we might provide workflow actions in a call centre based on analytics insight via API’s to your existing product.

User Interface Demo