EU Food Consumption Database based on EFSA’s Comprehensive Database Available in Creme Food Safety®

This new dataset allows you to carry out probabilistic exposure assessments for 22 EU member states based on data from 34 different underlying food consumption surveys. Both acute and chronic exposure assessments to chemicals, pesticides, contaminants and other substances can be performed across the EU using this data.


Using the FoodEx classification system, a parametric approach to modelling the consumption patterns, was used generating full population distributions of food consumption. Consumption patterns were represented by Lognormal and Gamma distributions.

This approach provides more realistic exposure and intake results compared with using a simple point value estimates (such as mean or an upper percentile, e.g. P95). It also accounts for rare high level consumption events which are not directly represented in the concise statistics.

Various intake scenarios were modelled using this new database in Creme Food Safety® and Creme Crop Sciences® and the results were validated by Creme Global scientists.

If you are interested in learning more about EFSA Comprehensive Database model in Creme Food Safety® or Creme Crop Sciences®, including a full list of countries and surveys included in the model, please contact us at

Written by Sandrine Pigat on July 3 2014

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