Creme Speaking at ISES 2012 in Seattle

The conference is taking place from the 28th of October until the 1st November 2012 in Seattle.


Creme’s Cian O’Mahony will present his talk on ‘Pesticide Dietary Exposure Assessments using Creme Food’. This talk will form part of the symposium ‘Pesticide Exposure and Modeling: Lessons Learned in Environmental and Occupational Exposure Analysis Leading to Advances in Dietary and Non-Dietary Pesticide Assessments’. In addition Cian will present his poster on ‘The FACET Software Tool: A Food Chemical Surveillance System for Europe’.

Creme will also be presenting a poster by EJ Daly, entitled ’A Probabilistic Approach to Estimating Consumer Exposure to Fragrance Materials from Cosmetic and Personal Care products.’ We hope that you stop by for both abstract and poster presentations. We are certainly looking forward to the conference and learning more about the emerging trends in the use of exposure science in the fields of public, occupational, and environmental health. We hope to see you all there!

Please contact us if you are travelling to the event and would like to arrange a meeting.

Written by Creme Global on September 25 2012

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