Creme Global presents at Food4Me Workshop

The workshop, organised by Food4Me partners Philips Research discussed emerging research on the measurement of nutritional status. Food4Me is an EU FP7 project investigating the potential of personalised nutrition. Creme's role as partner in this project involves the design and implementation of a novel system for monitoring dietary intake and providing the relevant personalised dietary advice to the consumer.

Click here for a recording of Cronan McNamara's presentation.

Creme provided information on the electronic measurement of food intake; more specifically Cronan McNamara presented the online Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) that Creme has developed for this project. The system accounts for the three Levels of personalised nutrition as outlined below:

  • Level 1: personalized analysis of an individual’s diet and makes recommendations for improved food choice.
  • Level 2: embraces all of level 1, and introduces the concept of using phenotypic data in addition to dietary data.
  • Level 3: embraces all of level 2, and also introduces genotypic data.

The Food4Me FFQ software allows participants to input detailed dietary habits; and includes demographic, preference and physical activity.

The FFQ software allows nutritionists to examine the information and data gathered by the system. The nutritionists follow well-defined decision trees to decide on personalised nutritional advice that is then provided back to the participant.

Later in the project Creme will develop algorithms to automate the generation of personalised advice and will develop an online tool which will provide advice automatically to the individual when they input their personal profile, consumption and physical activity data.

Written by Cronan McNamara on October 10 2012

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