Creme Global LinkedIn Company Page has now reached 100+ followers.

The Creme Global LinkedIn Company Page has now reached 100+ followers! Followers of our Company Page are a diverse group of scientists, innovators and regulators from areas including food safety, nutrition, personal care products, cosmetics, crop sciences, pesticides, regulatory affairs and data analysis across the spectrum of VP, Director, Manager, Senior and entry-level in public and private sector organisations.

Our LinkedIn Company Page is an excellent platform for sharing and discussing current trends and news in the areas of food and nutrition, data analysis, predictive analytics, statistics, expert modelling and consumer exposure.

Creme Global publishes frequent blog articles and monthly newsletters on topical issues from diet, nutrition, activity, health to consumer exposure and risk assessment. Followers can access the latest Creme Global publications here. Click here to follow the Creme Global Company Page on LinkedIn or Click here to sign up for the Creme Global newsletter mailing list for free!

Written by Creme Global on October 23 2013

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