Creme Attends Ice Cream Science and Technology Training Course, UCC, 21- 23 February 2012

Professor Douglas Goff is a Professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph, Canada. He is well known internationally for his ice cream expertise. He has done extensive research on ice cream structure, ingredients, manufacturing and quality, which has been published and presented widely around the world.

Attendees included ice cream processors, quality assurance personnel, research and development personnel, suppliers of dairy ingredients and a number of entrepreneurs from across Europe. The three day intensive course covered the production, science, technology, ingredients and quality features of frozen desserts, ice cream and related products.

Emma Robinson, Food Scientist at Creme represented Creme at the workshop. Attending food science workshops enables Creme to keep up to date with industry and increase our knowledge base for our clients. There is no doubt that the dairy sector is growing and food companies are beginning to see the viability of the basic raw ingredient of milk, with many companies adding ice creams to their product portfolio.

Creme gained a lot from the workshop in terms of the science and technology behind dairy products and also some insights into the future of dairy products. Expect to see shelf space increasing for low and/or no sugar ice creams and other dairy products, with sugar set to replace saturated fat as the new consumer enemy in the coming years. Future food scientists have a challenging time a head, to create low fat products that are also low in sugar, while still possess the sensory attributes expected by consumers. Can the ultimate no fat, no sugar ice cream really be formulated while also being sensory pleasing?

If you would like information on how ice cream or any food intake can be assessed or modelled using our software please contact We are currently developing a reformulating tool that will incorporate some of the concepts of the workshop.

Written by Creme Global on March 15 2012

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