Creme Announces Creme Nutrition and Health Month in March

Creme Nutrition is part of the Creme Food application suite and is used globally by nutritionists and dietitians for nutritional analysis and data modelling. Supported by a team of nutritionists, Creme Nutrition provides you with the tools to clearly and accurately understand nutrient intakes and dietary needs of consumers through validated models and data. Our specialist nutritionists work with your in-house team to help you to make better decisions in new product development, nutrition programme development, product reformulation and marketing.

This month we will feature articles and discussions on interesting and topical nutritional issues. It is our aim to assist you in analysing both your own and third party data to scientifically validate your projects and fully understand the consumer population.

Creme Nutrition is currently being used by leading Food Companies and International Government and Industry Regulators.

For further information on our Creme Nutrition service and how we can work with you and your nutrition team or for a demo of some of the features currently available please contact us.

Written by Creme Global on March 5 2012

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