Continuing Survey of Food Intake by Individuals 1994-98 (CSFII) - Updates Available in Creme Food

Additional information on the survey participants was added to the database including education, race, income and pregnancy status. Nutrient composition data was also included for all foods that were consumed during the survey as well as food source and meal.

The CSFII 1994-98 was carried out solely to gain information on the intake of food and nutrients of the citizens of America. CSFII 1994-98 is composed of two separate surveys, one from 1994-1996 and one from the year 1998. The CSFII 1994-96 reports on the food consumption of 16,103 people who were aged from birth to 70 years old and older. CSFII 1998 contains details about the food consumption of 5,559 children in the USA aged 9 years or under. The data for CSFII 1994-96 was collected from January 1994 to January 1997 and the data for CSFII 1998 was collected between December 1997 and December 1998.

To ensure that the CSFII 1998 survey could be associated and combined with the CSFII 1994-96 the design, methodology and operation had to be the same. Both surveys consisted of two non-consecutive 24 hour recall questionnaires that were carried out by a qualified interviewer. The day two questionnaire was administered 3-10 days after day one and was completed on a different day of the week than day one.

If you have any questions on this dataset and its updates please feel free to contact us.

Written by Sandrine Pigat on October 19 2012

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