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How can Creme Global Help

Creme Global provides readily available software such as Creme Nutrition®, Creme Food Safety® and Creme Care & Cosmetics®. These applications come with pre-installed and validated data sets, user friendly interfaces, and are deployed using our patented high performance cloud computing technology. Our licences include full scientific and technical support.

Custom Designed Models
With our in-house expertise in software development, mathematical modelling and domain knowledge in food science and safety, nutrition and toxicology, Creme Global is uniquely placed to help clients obtain the best solution in developing custom models for them.

Technical Services
As well as providing unique software applications, our team provides technical services to clients using our in-house expertise. These services include in depth data analysis and modelling followed by routine or customized exposure and intake assessments delivered via comprehensive technical reports.

Food Safety

Dietary Exposure Assessments

Creme Global provides consumer intake and exposure analysis, ranging from food and nutrient intakes to aggregate exposure from chemicals or mixtures. We use real world data along with our scientifically validated models to provide realistic and refined results. We can carry out aggregate exposure and intake analysis for any food component, including:

  • Foods/Food Groups
  • Nutrients
  • Novel Ingredients
  • Contaminants
  • Additives
  • Flavourings
  • Food Packaging Migrants
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides
  • Environmental contaminants

Regulatory Support 

Additive Exposure Assessments
Creme Global are recognized experts in  dietary exposure evaluations in additives and other chemicals or ingredients. We carry out routine and customized intake and exposure assessments for clients’ dossier applications for the approval or the extension of use of food additives and novel ingredients.
We also support clients with food additives, generally recognized as safe (GRAS), which includes customized and/or routine exposure assessments, extensive data analysis and reports to support their dossier submissions.

Nutritional Intake Assessments and Models

Creme Global’s granular models and use of the underlying data enable detailed analysis and modelling of:

  • Foods or groups of foods
  • Key drivers of intakes
  • Global markets
  • Targeted populations or subpopulations
  • Contribution and impact of ingredients/products/food groups
  • Full nutritional intakes
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Health impacts
  • Health economics

Creme Global helps you understand current diets across the globe in order to:

  • Assess current nutritional intakes in targeted markets and populations
  • Analyse targeted nutrition strategies and their real-world impacts from a Public Health Nutrition perspective
  • Identify optimal product formulations and predict the impact on targeted global markets and populations via intake scenario analysis. We work with you to find the ideal formulation for your product in order to meet intake and health requirements, without exceeding upper levels of intake
  • Incorporate in-house data (brand specific composition, portion size, novel ingredients and additives)
  • Deliver on your nutrition, health and wellbeing strategies
  • Work with companies to assess health outcomes based on intervention studies carried out with Creme Global models


The Team

Creme Global has fifteen-plus years of experience in predictive intake modelling via its Creme Nutrition® and Creme Food Safety® applications, and has completed many scientific and technical projects with regulators, industry and academia.

Creme Global is unique in having a multidisciplinary team all under the same roof; areas of expertise including project management (Lean and Agile development methodologies), food & nutritional sciences, biomedical engineering, data science, mathematical modelling & statistics, UI/UX design, cloud-based software development & deployment, quality assurance & software testing and systems maintenance.

Creme Global’s experts are passionate about helping clients to successfully manage routine (and non-routine) scientifically complex data questions and intake and exposure assessments. Our experts love taking on challenging questions, apply creative ideas that yet remain firmly grounded in the best possible science.

Global Consumer Intake Data

Creme Global has a dedicated expert team specialising in global consumer intake data such as national food consumption surveys, food composition data, food safety data. The datasets used in our models are widely recognized as the best datasets available to assess consumption habits and practices in conjunction with our models.

Our clients can target the analysis of major markets such as Europe (the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium etc.), the United States of America, Mexico, China, Brazil, Israel and many more. We also routinely combine our models with your own proprietary or other custom data to produce results relevant to you.

Deterministic and Probabilistic Assessments

Creme Global provides consumer intake and exposure analysis, ranging from food and nutrient intakes, aggregate exposure to chemicals or mixtures. This analysis is not locked into means or upper consumption levels, resulting in conservative assessments.

Our approach is not restricted to point estimates and deterministic calculations, but it can perform probabilistic analysis, using important determinants of exposure like market shares, distributions of use levels on the market, and the probability of addition data.
Furthermore our models use the full distribution of food intake.

Based on the above considerations, our models allow a much more realistic estimate of exposure to be determined. This, in turn, forms a better basis for risk assessment and regulatory decision making, e.g. when assessing margins of safety and Maximum Permitted Levels.

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