We support Camara

Camara Education has enabled more than two million young people to achieve better educational outcomes and to improve their life opportunities.

Camara is most notable for repurposing used computers for schools in poorer parts of the world. We started working with Camara by the obvious route. After 10 years in business we have upgraded our hardware numerous times and have found little use for our decommissioned computers. While our old computers work perfectly well, they do not always meet the demands of software upgrade cycles and the demands of our industry, data science.

How do we support Camara?

Outside of our small hardware donations we look for opportunities to help Camara get the word out to other companies who might donate to them. Look out for Camara at our conference this year.

What can you do the help?

Get the word out and if you can, donate.

Find out more at: www.camara.org