Why we made the Predict Conference a ‘Conference Series’

It became pretty clear early that there was too much going on in this sector to fit into one day, so we expanded it to two. An offer of a workshop on predictive analytics methods and another on ethics and data grew it to a third day.

At the same time I was acutely aware of our human limitations to process and store large volumes of information in such a condensed time period. Cramming more and more into each day was very tempting, especially since we had everyone in one place. However, recall of presentations can be as low as 10% a week after an event!

This bothered me as it felt like an economic reason for taking this approach rather than what was best for the true sharing and increasing genuine understanding of this rapidly evolving industry.

I also personally understand that face-to-face meetings are extremely valuable, however, our time is also precious and we could not justify expanding the conference to include more days out of the office.

One of the other things I noticed from years of going to conferences was that those who prepared well for the event (normally a minority) got the best out of the event. We wanted to create a structure for you that does not leave that to chance.

In deconstructing the traditional conference experience another thing we wanted to enhance was the learning outcome and sharing the learning back within organisations. I noticed that after attending an event, regardless of how invigorating it was, I got sucked back into the day-job, which meant I could not fully digest the knowledge I had gorged on. Sometimes I did not even have enough time to pass it on to my colleagues in a satisfactory way.

Finally, and most importantly, we wanted attendees to have something really tangible from their ticket and something they could use to deliver upon the theme of the event – business decisions meeting data & predictive analysis.

So we decided to do something different and create new type of experience, we are calling it a Conference Series.

Yes, you still do have two full days in which wonderful insights are shared and connections are made however, we are not leaving that to chance and we have built Predict around 4 important pillars that extend from now until well after the event into next year. Those four pillars are:

•    Inspire – our speaker series
•    Meet – how we connect delegates
•    Learn – our knowledge experience
•    Empower – our data platform and support

So how does this all work?

Predict Conference: Speaker, Connector, Knowledge and Data Series.


  • We have 40 speakers from 3 continents over 2 days who are primed to turbo-charge rather than drive people into PowerPoint hell.
  • We are also running an additional workshop series on a third day.


  • With our partner Enterprise Europe Network, we will organise Face to Face Meetings for the attendees so there will no strangers on the day. This means that delegates can begin conversations in advance of the September event and enhance the relationship when they physically meet.
  • Predict is unique in facilitating meetings with the speakers. This is something we feel strongly about as removing the barrier between those on stage and those attending are essential to a great conference.


We all know that it's hard to take in everything you hear at a conference and this can be even trickier when you are trying to document it so you can share it back at base. We enable learning because:

  • In the months prior to and following Predict, attendees get access to exclusive content in the form of webinars, articles, interviews and infographics.
  • Attendees also receive a Predict eBook enriching your onsite experience so that you can focus on processing information rather than taking notes.
  • A revision webinar one month after the event where we will recap on the insights, open up dialogue and continue the data learning journey.


We are really excited about this one. We give information to help you use data and predictive analytics to make better decisions (√), we connect you with people who can help (√), we inspire so you are energised to make it happen (√) and finally we are also giving you the data tools. This has a few parts:

  • Firstly if you give us your data we will number-crunch, analyse it and present it to you in a secure online platform*.
  • Secondly we will give you early access to our data modelling platform, ExpertModels, before its public release.
  • Thirdly, during the event, we will have access to a Predict Data Genie on hand who will do a hands-on analysis of your data and give free technical advice.
  • Finally we will have live data innovations on the exhibition floor showing real time insights from numerous data crunching companies.

With all this in mind, Predict kicks off this Wednesday with our first webinar with John Elder outlining where data and predictive analytics are transforming business in a number of surprising areas.  

We truly want to offer real value for the time and financial cost of the ticket for Predict so the sooner you sign up the more you get out of your ticket!

Join the Predict Conference now for on-going inspiration, networking, learning, data tools and support.


* Subject to data suitability and on a first come first served basis.


Written by Cronan McNamara on June 16 2015

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