Who is Exceeding Their Recommended Intake of Nutrients?

For innovators, researchers and regulators in the food sector, it is essential to understand dietary intakes to see if consumers are reaching or exceeding recommended daily intakes of micro and macronutrients.

It is equally important to identify which foods or food groups are driving the intakes of particular nutrients in a population so that they can be addressed effectively. Some of these recommendations are expressed as a percentage of total energy intakes.  

A feature to assess the Percentage Nutrient Contribution used in Creme Global’s intake models allows you to assess the percentage contribution of any nutrient to another. For example the total sugar intake as a percentage of total energy.

When examining the intake of total sugar in a population, this feature can be used to assess the percentage contribution to the daily calorie intake as well as determine the key drivers contributing to intakes. Our easy to use interfaces allow the user to establish nutrient relationships when setting up dietary intake assessments.

If you have any further questions about this feature or any other feature in the software, please contact info@cremeglobal.com.

Written by Sandrine Pigat on January 3 2017

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