Specific Consumer Group Analysis Now Available in the Latest Creme Food® Release (Version 3.6.18)

We are delighted to announce a new feature released in the latest version of Creme Food® (version 3.6.18), which allows our clients to refine and specify exactly what type of consumer they are interested in investigating. 

The new ‘Custom Statistics Generator’ tool allows you to include only those consumers who fit into certain consumption patterns in your analysis. For example, if you want to focus only on people who consumed more than 1 microgram of Vitamin D, but less than 5 micrograms from Dairy Products, the ‘Custom Statistics Generator’ allow you to include those consumers (who fit these specific criteria) in the analysis, with statistical results being presented for those consumers only.

If you want to add a further specification to your analysis, the ‘Custom Statistics Generator’ feature also allows multiple consumption filters to be included. For example, you may want to examine the above Vitamin D levels and also include those who consumed less than 300 milligrams of Calcium. The ‘Custom Statistics Generator’ also allow you to add this extra dimension to the pattern, by allowing multiple variables to be added into one analysis (i.e. Vitamin D and Calcium).

A similar process can be followed to investigate consumption of specific food groups within a consumption pattern. This new feature allows for increased specificity in assessments, allowing you to hone in on exact sections of the populations that you wish to investigate, using a variety of variables.

Other features that have been updated and enhanced within the software include improvements to the copy functionality (making it easier for you to copy and paste your data) and to the ingredient fraction input feature. Multiple updates have improved the overall stability and usability of the application, resulting in easy-to-conduct, yet refined aggregate exposure assessments.

If you have any further questions about this feature or any other feature in the software, please contact info@cremeglobal.com. 

Written by Creme Global on February 13 2014

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