New Features and Updates to Creme Food

In this blog I will highlight these as well as noting some upcoming developments to be expected over the coming months.

New Data Application

Creme has developed a simple yet powerful application for looking up data. Creme Data allows users to look up typical nutrient levels in food, typical pesticide levels as well as containing regulatory limits for pesticides. Data which can be searched include US FNDDS 4.1, NEVO (Dutch) tables and data on nutrient intakes in food in Ireland. Data can be searched by data type or by region. More regulatory limits and nutrient reference data will be included in future releases. Please contact for further information or to arrange a demo.

Data Updates

The United State’s NHANES 2007-2008 (including FNDDS 4.1) and the UK’s NDNS 2008/2009 Year 1 of the rolling survey are now tested and validated and ready to use within Creme Food. A license is required to use the NDNS data. Please contact Creme if you require information on obtaining this license.A higher level of food grouping is now a feature of Creme Food. These are known as categories. For example “beef steak” can be in the beef group and in the meat category. Currently users must input categories in the Food Group Table Editor and not within Food Group Wizard. Users must add a “Category Code” and “Category Name” field to a groups table. Food groups not included in a category are included in an automatically generated category  “Other”.

Graph Features

Scatterplots were added as an additional graph type in July. This allows correlations between variable to be visualised. Furthermore, the data used to create pie charts, bar charts and error bar plots in Creme can now be downloaded directly to Excel. This can then be used to create graphs within Excel. Simply click “Export” on top of any of these graph types to export the graphs to Excel.

Assessments and Results

Creme has optimised its queuing system allowing assessments to queue when multiple assessments are in progress. This has resulted in a near doubling of capacity from 38 to 70  assessments running simultaneously, a massive 14 fold increase in the space of a year.All tables in Creme Foods can now be downloaded directly in Excel formats (.xls and .xlxs) for your convenience.A new statistical output was added in July. This new output shows the contribution of each food group to the mean of the total exposure to chemicals. This option can be chosen at the advanced options stage of the assessment wizard by checking the box beside “Mean as a percent of All. inc other”.The option to download statistical outputs in a transpose format is now available for those who prefer this option.

Summary Report Generator

The Summary Report Generator feature is now included in Creme Food. This enables users to download output statistics to into tables into permitted tables in Excel. This features continues to be improved upon and will have a preview function in the coming month.

Upcoming Features

Upcoming features planned include a “Documents Tab” where Creme will share files with Creme users relating to assessment examples, reports and user agreements. Search features within Creme Food are also being improved. Users will also be able to send documents to Creme for sharing within their group.

Written by Creme Global on October 16 2010

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