New Data - Diet and Nutrition Survey of Infants and Young Children 2011 (DNSIYC)

The Diet and Nutrition Survey of Infants and Young Children 2011 (DNSIYC) reports food consumption, nutrient composition of foods, nutrient intakes and nutritional status of infants and young children in the United Kingdom. The survey comprises food and nutrient intakes of 2,683 infants and children aged between 4 and 18 months, which is an important age group in terms of food safety and nutrition. The data was collected between January and August 2011.

The dietary records are based on a four consecutive day food diary. The data includes types and quantities of foods consumed within this age group, from which population wide food and nutrient intakes can be calculated.

The survey was conducted throughout the UK with weighting factors applied to the infant and young children population to ensure that the results are representative of the overall UK population.

This survey is an important complement to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) rolling programme, which covers children and adults aged from 18 months upwards.

This food consumption data for infants and young children is now tested and validated and is ready to use in Creme Food®. This means that food and nutritional intake scenarios and food safety assessments for this important age group can now be carried out quickly and easily in Creme Food®.

Written by Sandrine Pigat on August 15 2013

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