Predictive Intake Modelling

Creme Nutrition is a unique online dietary intake analysis tool which utilises pre-installed or user’s own data to accurately assess and understand nutrient and food intakes across the globe in a fast, streamlined, easy to use manner. Creme Nutrition includes a vast array of additional functionalities including nutritional modelling and scenario analysis tools.

Creme Nutrition allows you to understand the impact of a range of nutritional food ingredients from salt to functional food ingredients on consumers’ diets in different market sectors worldwide. We work with you to understand consumer's nutritional needs and to tailor products to benefit consumers.

Our model can carry out detailed consumer exposure assessments for populations in:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia

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For Industry and Government

Creme Nutrition is designed for the following organisations:

  • Food Manufacturers
    • Food Innovation Centres
    • Food Safety Departments
  • Government
    • Food Safety Regulators
    • Agriculture Departments
    • Health Promotion Agencies
  • Researchers
    • Universities
    • Research Centres
    • EU Framework Projects (FP7, Horizon 2020)

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Creme Nutrition allows you to:

  • Analyse the diet of a population or subpopulation using real food consumption data
  • Assess the full distribution of intake broken down by foods or groups of foods
  • Do a nutrient intake analysis broken down by contribution foods or groups of foods
  • Create your own foods groups in a flexible and user friendly way
  • Incorporate your own market share data
  • Reformulate or fortify foods or groups of foods
  • Reduce certain nutrients, such as sodium or fats in foods or groups of foods
  • Calculate portion sizes and apply portion size control
  • Apply food replacement scenarios, e.g. healthier options
  • Run reports and generate output tables for your own reports
  • Look at trends in a population’s diet
  • Stratify your population by socio-demographic data, biomarker data, etc...

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Some of the key benefits to you are:

  • Fast Response. Fast turnaround of data through fast computing and support from Creme Global team.
  • Regulator Acceptance. Validated scientific data which is used and accepted by regulators internationally.
  • Scenario Analysis. What-if scenarios can be easily achieved in Creme Food Safety with detailed statistical analysis in just a few clicks.
  • Collaboration and Sharing. Collaborate with your team globally and with the Creme Global team by scharing data and analysis online.
  • Complete Data Protection. Protect important data by controlling sharing permissions.

Phone Us: +353 1 677 0071 or Visit Our Contact Page.