Creme Global provides easy-to-use predictive intake modelling software services.

Our models are designed to address specific issues from Food Safety, to Nutritional Intake Modelling, Crop Sciences (including Pesticides, Crop Protection, GMO, etc.), Personal Care and Cosmetics products and Microbial Growth and Risk modelling. 

Members of RIFM (The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) will be particularly interested in the Creme RIFM model which contains aggregate exposure results for hundreds of fragrance compounds used around the world. 

Our models are internationally recognised, and are employed by leading authorities globally, providing confidence and trust in the results we produce. These models allow you to combine your data with publicly available information to produce detailed intake and exposure reports. Our publications section combines information on the science that underpins our work. Each of our models below are provided with international data sets preinstalled and validated so that you can quickly, accurately and reliably get the results you need.