Food Safety Day in Leatherhead Food Research

Creme Global presented a predictive microbiology model for salmonella based growth, based on the original work of Baranyi and Roberts (1994;1995), considering additionally factors such as sugar type, concentration, water activity, pH and temperature. Creme Global also presented a salmonella decay model based on experimental data provided by Leatherhead in which Creme Global will be examining the correlations between D-values (a measure of the time required to kill an organism) and the chemical properties of different sugars and other factors, such as temperature, pH and water activity. These models, giving predictions of salmonella growth and death, will enable Leatherhead to improve experimental design and food safety in product development.

Further information about the Food Safety Day in Leatherhead on May 12th 2011 can be found at:

Written by Creme Global on June 8 2011

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