Food Safety

At Creme Global we have extensive experience in the food safety area. We develop data, models and software to this end. Our customers are interested in the levels of chemicals present in their foods. They are also interested in microbial levels and how pathogens grow in food under certain conditions.

Benefits for food safety

A flexible model can be used a multitude of ways to understand your products. A few of the  benefits and uses gained by our customer include:

  • Cost savings on challenge studies. Probabilistic models allow you to to simulate the fate of a given microbial population in a food with computerised challenge-testing.
  • Cost savings on the production of inoculations and spiking + countings.
  • Time savings – Probabilistic model’s results return within a day versus several days/weeks to conduct laboratory test.
  • Probabilistic models can be combined with laboratory testing to improve their predictive value and reduce the testing burden. The actual benefits of this can be evaluated case by case.


Watch Cian O’Mahony our Chief Science Officer

Who we serve

Governments use our software to aid in creating regulations and in communicating with industry on regulation. Our software gives a shared point of reference.

Industry uses our software to understand their products better. They also use our software to comply with regulations. Our software has saved companies millions of euros in labour by streamlining scientific assessment.

Academia use our software to greatly increase the speed and viability of research projects into food safety. Our software is flexible enough for a broad range of applications in food safety.

Why Creme Global?

Our platform allows us develop and deploy solutions quickly. We have turnkey software in this domain. We provide scientific support at various levels of fidelity.


Data Science at Creme Global

Cian O’Mahony our Chief Science Officer speaks about data science at Creme Global.


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