Expert Root Cause Analysis

Expert Root Cause Analysis is a deep dive analysis to determine the cause of an issue with proposed resolution steps.

Determine the cause of a safety or quality incident in a manufacturing environment and assist with decision making, for example product release or recall.


We use state of the art microbiological, genomic, bioinformatic tools and techniques – combined with machine learning and specific domain expertise.

Unique Offering

Fast and efficient root cause analysis is achieved through the use of state of the art techniques and access to a bank of global experts available on demand to provide the required analysis and insight.

The Process

An acute issue occurs

1 – Get in Touch

Contact Creme Global, register and agree on quote

2 – Report Issue 

Provide information, eg. historic and current microorganism concerns, HACCP-plan

3 – Expert Screening

Receive recommendation from global expert panel

4 – Immediate Actions 

Perform recommended steps, eg. genomic analysis, on site inspection

5 – Review and Reiterate Expert Assessment

Receive expert review of testing results and perform follow-on actions until resolved

6 – Issue closed

Receive final report and invoice from Creme Global

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