Expert Models Takes Care of 13 of 15 of Your Data Science Jobs – This is What That Means For You

In my previous article “Data Science is a Team Sport - That's Why We Created Expert Models”, I wrote about how our platform Expert Models takes care of 13 of the 15 jobs to be done in creating production-quality data science applications. In this article I explain what this means for you.


You have the business domain expertise, you know what questions to ask and what data is available to help answer them. We have the data science and technology expertise – implementing production-quality models and analytics in the cloud.

We have extensive experience in data modelling (in a number of domains), a growing list of partners expanding our expertise and a new sophisticated yet user-friendly data science platform that can help get you up and running quickly – saving you a lot of time, effort and money.

Here’s what this means for you:

  • Save time – get large scale projects into production and to market in a small number of weeks (can be < 4 – 6 weeks) vs. a large number of months (normally 12+).
  • Save recruitment and staff costs (€€€ / $$$ / £££). There is no need to hire 4-6 people based on the capabilities the Expert Models platform gives you. We take care of your platform, maintenance, development operations, systems, middleware programming (user management, data management, computing management), interface design and implementation and quality assurance of the platform.
  • Save even more recruitment and staff costs (€€€ / $$$ / £££). We can also collaborate with you on the data science model and data development and analysis if your team is already at capacity.
  • Save even more money (€€€ / $$$ / £££). You don’t need to buy traditional expensive enterprise systems to get world-class production-quality.
  • Save time and get to market faster. You don’t need to spend months installing and configuring heavy duty traditional expensive enterprise systems anymore. You can be up and running in minutes.
  • Find the skills you need. Staff and consultants with the obscure skills required to manage and develop on traditional enterprise systems are rare and expensive. Expert Models is built on Python with well documented APIs. The supply of Python expertise is well established and growing rapidly (e.g. Python is even being taught in business schools now).
  • Future proof your investment. Python is now well established in the data science market and uses open source technology and open standards. We manage the platform using Python, you (or we) develop your models in Python – you own the IP to your models that you develop (or that we develop for you under contract) and you can reuse them or redeploy them on any compatible system as you require.
  • Tap into a large range of libraries and support – Python has a large number of free to use and powerful data science libraries.
  • Don’t need to reinvent or redevelop any of your existing systems. EM is compatible and can establish connectivity to a wide range of IT technology infrastructures. It has standard APIs that can be used for almost any existing IT infrastructure (no matter what technology was used).
  • Centralise all of your data and code: Expert Models can import CSV files using HTTP/ FTP if APIs are not available.
  • Enable better teamwork. Everyone on the team can see and work on the latest version of the data, code and analyses in one secure, central location. Version control and backups of all updates are included.
  • Reduce stress – work in a lean and agile way. Get analytics prototype models into production and in front of your partners and stakeholders in minutes or hours rather than weeks. This allows you to get feedback and iterate quickly with your partners or clients.
  • Reduce operational risk: Expert Models tracks, version controls and snapshots every version of data and model code used in your analytics so that all of your historic analyses are stored and reproducible.
  • Satisfy regulation: Expert Models tracks, version controls and backs up every version of data and model code so that you will be able to satisfy authorities that you can stand over your decisions and data analytics.

Pretty great, isn’t it? Contact us now to start a conversation on how we can work with you to kickstart or accelerate your data and analytics projects.

Written by Cronan McNamara on November 30 2016

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