Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) 2014 Annual Meeting

Denver, Colorado – 07 December, 2014 to 10 December, 2014

The theme of the meeting is using the risk analysis framework and risk-related tools to evaluate and solve complex or divisive environmental and public health issues.

Special emphasis will also be placed on the better integration of environmental, community, and occupational risk assessment methods and approaches. Cronan McNamara from Creme Global will be attending, so contact us to pre-arrange a meeting or a call.

The SRA has many Speciality Groups. Creme Global is mainly interested in the following:

  • Decision Analysis and Risk
  • Dose-Response
  • Economics and Benefits Analysis
  • Emerging Nanoscale Materials
  • Exposure Assessment
  • Microbial Risk Analysis
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Risk Communication
  • Risk Policy and Law

The Society for Risk Analysis is a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, scholarly, international society that provides an open forum for all those who are interested in risk analysis.