EU Parliament Retains Nutrition Profiles in Health Claims Regulation

We agree with this decision because it keeps regulatory measures which prescribe that set nutrient profiles apply when using health claims.

For example, if a company wants to promote a health or nutrition claim for their product, the product can’t exceed set thresholds for other nutrients such as fat, salt or sugar; or other usual suspects.

A ‘nutrient profile’ refers to the nutrient composition of a food or a diet. They are used to prevent consumers from being misled when trying to make healthy food choices in the context of a balanced diet. This is particularly valuable in today’s often confusing era of so-called ‘superfoods’, information overload and sometimes contradictory nutrition advice.
Ultimately, healthy nutrition has to be about a balanced and healthy diet. We work with our partners and clients to measure intakes, understand nutritional needs and explore scenarios for healthy food formulation for populations all over the world.

Talk to us today to find out how your products can fit in with consumers’ needs for a balanced and healthy diet. 

More information:
1. nutraingredients,com: EU Parliament vote rejects calls to scrap nutrient profiles


Written by Sandrine Pigat on July 27 2015

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