DEEM-FCID Model Now Available in the Convenient and User Friendly Creme Food® Service

This DEEM-FCID model is now available directly within Creme Food®, allowing food safety experts a one stop shop for all of their analysis. Creme Global’s renowned scientific support and powerful cloud computing services are also now available for DEEM-FCID with this service.

DEEM-FCID is a US exposure model that is recognised and used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to estimate dietary exposure to pesticides, contaminants and other chemicals. The food consumption data is based on the most recent data from What We Eat In America-Food Commodity Intake Database (WWEIA-FCID 2003-08) which derives the food consumption as reported in NHANES back to the recipes and food commodities. An example would be the breakdown from lasagne to its individual components such as tomatoes or onions.

All results in Creme Food® using the DEEM-FCID model have been validated by comparing the output to the Joint Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition (JIFSAN) reported results, whose work was funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The DEEM model and its variables of interest, e.g. food groups and demographics, can be used via a simple step-by-step selection process in the assessment wizard in Creme Food®. A chemical template table is available to create your own chemical concentration data to run in the model. The assessment results can be easily broken down into age ranges, gender and ethnicities of interest.

This expansion of the Creme Global exposure model suite will be of particular interest to users who want to get the same results as with DEEM-FCID but via the advanced functionality and user-friendly interface of Creme Food®.

Above: Chemicals table template for use with the USA DEEM-FCID model. Simply enter the chemical concentrations of interest for each food code to calculate exposure.

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Written by Creme Global on October 18 2013

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