Datasets Available in Creme Food

A wide variety of surveys from the US NHANES/ What We Eat in America (WWEIA) (the dietary intake component of NHANES) are available for Creme Food clients. Additional data such as the USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods (Release 3, 2011) (pdf), derived amino acid data from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (Release 24) and data from the USDA Pesticide Data Program are also available for Creme Food clients.

Other survey countries include the China Health and Nutrition Survey, the Mexican National Health and Nutrition Survey and European countries, such as the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK. All results obtained in Creme Food have been analysed and validated against published results to ensure data quality.

Other datasets can be installed upon request depending on the availability of the data and the terms and conditions. Some datasets do require a license from the data owner. We know how to apply for these licenses; so please let us know if you would like help with this process.

Please contact us if you wish to avail of datasets available in Creme Food or suggest new datasets we should research, test and install.

Written by Sandrine Pigat on December 6 2012

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