Data Science is a Team Sport – That’s Why We Created Expert Models

It is an exciting time to be in data science where your ideas and innovations can impact on millions of potential customers globally, almost overnight. Disruption on a global scale is now open to us like never before.

And yet success in data science is not guaranteed; to carry out a data science project or create a production-quality data science system requires a team effort.


At Creme Global we believe that “data science is a team sport” – especially if you need production-quality in your results. And you do, by the way.

We find that the cloud is the best way to enable collaboration and teamwork (even if the whole team sits in one office) we call it “getting data science out of the desktop”. To carry out a successful, collaborative data science project using the cloud, or to create a cloud-based data science application, there are a number of jobs to be done – at least 15 by our count.

The good news is that the Expert Models platform does 9 of the 15 jobs for you (items 5-13 below)! If required, our team or our partners can carry out a further 4 of the 15 jobs for you (items 2-4 & 14 below), leaving just 2 jobs for you (items 1 & 15)!

How it works

Job for you:

1:  Domain experts who really understands the organisation / business needs and potential options.

Jobs that can be done by our team, our partners, or by you (as required):

2:  Analyst to translate the business issues into analytical problems (that can be solved or informed by using data and modelling).
3:  Data manager to capture, understand and clean any available data and to design, setup and optimise the required databases.
4:  Data scientists to design applicable experiments, models, simulations and applications.

Jobs done by the Expert Models platform (nothing for you to do here):

5:  Systems engineer to manage the cloud computing infrastructure resources (including all operating systems, database systems, applications and software libraries).
6:  Database administrator to create and manage the secure database environment.
7:  Security specialist to manage data and infrastructure security throughout the system.
8:  Software engineer to create the system middleware join the various software elements being used into an application.
9:  Software engineer to implement and optimise the data science libraries and code in an efficient and robust way.
10:  Quality assurance engineer to design, create and carry out the required software and model validation tests.
11:  User experience and user interface designer to design the user interface of the application.
12:  Front end software developer to implement the user interface of the application.
13:  Quality assurance front end engineer to design, create and carry out the required user interface software tests.

Jobs that can be done by our team, our partners, or by you (as required):

14:  Data scientists and analysts to review output of the model / experiment / simulation and to help translate the output into business decisions.

Job for you:

15:  Make really good data-driven decisions for the business / organisation validated by the models and data.

Expert Models is a collaborative platform which enables people working across the data science value-chain to work together better. It joins teams to combine data sets with quality, trustworthy data analytics and models, and makes those easily accessible to decision makers via a simple web browser or apps.

Expert Models is designed to facilitate collaboration within your organisation. It also allows you to tap into a broader pool of experts outside of your organisation, as required.

By taking care of a large number of the required jobs, the platform allows you to focus on the business questions, the people and the data science.

I am excited about how we can work with you and our data and developer partner community to deliver world class data science and analytics applications for individuals, teams, companies, government organisations and researchers globally.

Expert Models is ready to go – please contact us to discuss how Expert Models can help your organisation to get to the next level in production-quality data science.

Written by Cronan McNamara on November 2 2016

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