Creme Sponsor ComBase Workshop UK in Campden BRI

Creme Global's presentation was entitled “Quantitative exposure assessments using Creme Food”. The presentation outlined how Creme Food can be used with data on environmental conditions and pathogen properties, in combination with predictive microbiology models from Combase, to provide data driven microbial exposure assessments.

Other presenters on the day included József Baranyi, Aline Metris and Carmin Pin who spoke about “Predictive Modelling and ComBase”, “Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment principles” and “Characterising and quantifying model performance” respectively.

Over the coming months Creme will work on embedding ComBase data into Creme Food to provide improved, data-driven microbial risk assessments. While Creme currently supports dose-response modelling as part of its Creme Food service, we are actively sourcing reliable and useful dose-response data to include in the tool, which will further compliment the data that users can add themselves. This will allow all quantitative parts of a risk assessment to be carried out with a few simple mouse clicks.

Written by Creme Global on December 7 2011

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