Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Demonstration and Video

Click on the above image to play an introductory video on the Creme RIFM model

During a one hour web demo, Creme Global will be showcasing the latest features of the Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model and software.

Creme Global will present how the aggregate exposure model combines big data to estimate aggregate exposure to fragrances found in cosmetic, personal care and air care products used by European and American citizens. The demo will explain how new product development can be aided by using our ‘Custom Product’ feature and how new formulations, fragrances or chemicals can be assessed using our ‘Constituents’ feature. The demo will also detail how to perform a reverse calculation using our ‘Optimization’ feature to determine the fragrance concentrations in various products that will lead to a specific aggregate exposure threshold. You will learn how our intuitive cloud based software can be easily navigated to access data on over 500 fragrances on the market and analyse their exposure.

To register for the demo, please visit our website where you can contact us.

Written by Creme Global on April 8 2015

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