Creme Global Celebrates a Decade in Predictive Intake Modelling

Since our launch, we have developed leading cloud-based software in the areas of food safety, nutrition, mathematical modelling, statistics, and data analysis.

The amount of data generated globally is multiplying every day; better decisions are made when decision makers have access to the right data, models and expertise, in a form they can understand.

Our vision at Creme Global is a world where everyone makes better decisions based on real data and expert models. We have the expert models, specialized team, and cloud computing software platform to make this a reality.

With over a decade of experience developing cloud-based software applications in the area of predictive intake modelling, Creme Global has gathered unique data sets on consumer habits, practices, consumption, and chemical occurrence from all over the world.

As part of our anniversary, Creme Global is excited to announce we are organising our inaugural data and predictive models conference – Predict 2015 – which will take place from the 15th-17th September at the RDS in Dublin, Ireland. The conference will feature leading international thinkers in the areas of data, predictive models, technology, and decision making. You can pre-register for conference tickets on the Predict website and sign up now to receive special offers and early-bird discounts.

“Ten years ago, we launched Creme Global with the goal of showing that we can deliver world-class predictive modelling technology internationally from an indigenous technology company based here in Dublin, Ireland, and to provide the most exciting and fulfilling careers for the next generation of technologists, scientists and business professionals in Ireland” said Cronan McNamara, Founder and CEO.

‘’Thanks to the trust and continued engagement of our customers, partners and team we believe we have succeeded in our above goal. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of our customers, partners and team members (past and present) for your commitment, contribution and loyalty; and for being a big part of our wonderful 10 year journey. We now have an amazingly talented team and a world class technology platform in place, so it is time to work on our next set of goals and look forward to our next ten years and beyond!”

To learn more about Creme Global and how we can assist you with your predictive modelling needs, visit our website where you can contact us and start a conversation. We’re also on Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can follow us for conversation, news and insights on data science, predictive modelling, exposure assessment and nutrition.

Written by Creme Global on April 10 2015

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