Creme Food Safety® and Creme Nutrition® January 2014 Release

Some of the main updates are:

A new and more user friendly way of accessing consumption data 

The ‘DATASETS’ folder in the data tab has now been divided into ‘DATASETS’ and ‘MY DATASETS’.

‘DATASETS’ contains all original consumption data provided and validated by the Creme Global Team. User input data (Groups, Chemicals and Samples tables) used for those surveys remain unchanged and can still be found in the same location (the ‘Saved Data’ folders).

‘MY DATASETS’ contains all consumption data uploaded and owned by the user or copied and modified from one of the original consumption surveys. So, if the user has their consumption data, they will find this in the new folder called ‘MY DATASETS’.

This change in structure is to tidy up our datasets structure and to clearly separate the datasets provided and validated by Creme Global to custom datasets modified or uploaded by users.

This is also reflected in the assessment wizard and the user will be able to select between ‘MY DATASETS’ and ‘DATASETS’ surveys.

A ‘Deleted Assessments’ folder to enable restoring of deleted assessments

When deleting an assessment, the user now still has the option to restore this assessment within one month or delete it permanently. Assessments stored in the deleted location for longer that one month will be automatically deleted permanently to manage storage space. The deleted assessments folder can be found in the assessments tab tree structure on the left hand side. 

List of allowed characters

A list of allowed characters have now been fully implemented for data, field headers as well as table, assessment and folder names within Creme Food®. The user will be prompted if any disallowed character exists in their data and the software disable uploading or entering such characters. This data quality validation further enhances Creme Food® stability and accuracy of data.

If you have any questions about any of the above or if you are interested in talking to us about accessing our software and services, please contact

Written by Sandrine Pigat on January 17 2014

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