Creme Food® 3.5 Update

We have improved our Fortification per 100kcal feature, which was released last month. An Excel table is now automatically generated when you carry out this type of assessment. This table informs users of the fortification concentration (per 100g) for each food fortified per 100kcal.

The Custom Statistics tool, which was also introduced last month to carry out further analysis on completed assessments, now has even more features. Advanced Options now include the ability to fit results to a number of distributions, amongst other options. You can also track the progress of your Custom Statistics assessment with the newly implemented progress bar.

A Body Burden Increase Calculator has been added to Creme Food® in this update. This can be used after an assessment has run – much like Limit Analysis and Custom Statistics. Body Burden Increase Calculator allows you to calculate the impact that an increase in a chemical exposure will have. It takes into account the half-life of the substance, the duration of exposure and the absorption of the substance. The calculation follows the WHO body burden calculation method (1998).

Creme Food® now supports probabilistic values for ingredient fractions in Food Group Tables and at the Food Groups stage of the Assessment Wizard. This allows you to examine the effect of both uncertainty and variability in ingredient fractions. For example, you may be setting up food groups to assess red meat consumption. Perhaps you know that the fraction of red meat in lasagna varies between 30 and 40 percent, depending on the recipe. Previously Creme Food® required this fraction to be entered as a fixed value, but now you can enter it as, for example, “uniform(0.30, 0.40)”, and the software will select random values between 30% and 40% for each eating event. Please contact Creme if you require any assistance with this or if you have any questions regarding its use.

The Concentrations stages of nutrient, additive and flavouring assessments now have a new look to enable users to see more data on their screens, minimising the need for scrolling.

Please contact Creme if you require assistance with any of these features or if you have any feedback.

Written by Creme Global on February 21 2011

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