Creme Food® 3.5 Release

Lieke Kuiper (assistant researcher at Creme) has been using the new version of Creme Food®, Creme 3.5, to carry out an exposure assessment to dioxins using the Irish adult population as a reference population for Europe. This is in response to the recent dioxin scare in Germany. Click here to read her blog or contact us if you would like to request a free copy of the report.

Creme Food® version 3.5

The Creme team has been busy over the last number of weeks implementing new features. The features, which are largely based on client requests, include:

  • Custom Statistics
  • Limit Analysis
  • Fortification per 100kcal Assessments
  • Energy Assessments
  • Upload Table by Type

Custom Statistics

Custom Statistics evolved from various client requests to extract more results from previously run assessments. This exciting new feature allows for many different post-assessment analyses. Users can request additional percentiles which were not requesting during the initial assessment submission. Users can examine different outputs based on demographic information (e.g. gender, age or weight). Another advantage is that it enables users to examine the diet or exposure of a particular subset of the population which has particular consumption patterns.

A practical example of this would be to examine the diets (food groups and nutrients) of those people who consume milk versus those who do not.

Custom Statistics can be accessed via the Output dropdown menu in your chosen assessment folder.

Limit Analysis

This feature outputs just one statistic per option chosen. With Limit Analysis, users can input a nutrient, toxicological or any other reference value, and calculate the percentage of the population which exceeded or did not meet this particular reference point.

Fortification per 100kcal 

Before this release users were only able to fortify per unit weight of food. Now, based on our customers’ request, users can select fortification in g per 100kcal as an assessment type in the Assessment Wizard. Users can also see at the fortification stage how this new concentration per 100kcal relates to per 100g of food.

Energy Assessments 

This is a new type of assessment similar to nutrient assessment but instead it calculates energy values from food groups of interest. Again this is chosen as an assessment type in the Assessment Wizard.

Upload Table by Type 

Saving time for our users, it is now possible to upload tables directly into Creme Food® without having to first create them. This option is available in the Data Manager under the Data dropdown list. It is possible to upload from a number of file formats, including CSV and various ASCII delimited formats.

We hope that our clients will benefit from these new features. In the coming weeks we will provide instructions and examples in the Documents tab on how to use these features. Please contact us with any queries on using the new additions or any suggestion to help improve the software. You can also contact us to request a free copy of the exposure assessment to dioxins report.

Once again thanks to our clients for all of their input and feedback and please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see in our next release of Creme Food®.

Written by Creme Global on January 14 2011

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