Creme Exposure, Food Safety and Nutrition Conference - Day 2 - Demonstration Day

Friday was the demonstration and training day for:

  • Creme Food (for food safety and exposure assessments)
  • Creme Nutrition (for nutritional intake modelling)
  • Creme RIFM (for aggregate exposure modelling for cosmetics and personal care products).

Creme Food

Sandrine Pigat and Emma Robinson brought the audience through an interactive demonstration of how to use Creme Food for food safety exposure assessments. US consumer exposure assessments to Stevia were used for these examples. The audience was able to log on to a demonstration account on Creme Food and follow along with the demonstration. The audience selected the demographic groups of interest, set up food groups, applied concentration for Stevia to foods, ran exposure assessments and reviewed the results against the ADI.

The Creme team was there to help and everyone in the audience was able to set up, run and review their exposure assessments with a little help from the team.

Creme Nutrition

Following the coffee break, Sandrine and Emma demonstrated Creme Nutrition for nutritional intake modelling. The audience worked through a number of nutritional modelling examples again following along on their own account. A sodium intake reduction example for the US population was shown. In this example, both product reformulation (reduction of sodium in existing products) and product replacement (replacement of snacks with healthier alternatives) were modelled and the impact assessed. With a little help from the Creme team, the audience was able to set up, run and review their own scenarios without any problem.

Creme / RIFM Cosmetics

In a separate break-out session Eoin O’Connell and Roger Thomas demonstrated the RIFM model for consumer aggregate exposure to fragrance materials from personal care and cosmetics. The audience was extremely impressed with the amount and level of detail in the data provided with the service. The attendees all agreed that the data and models will be extremely useful in their day-to-day work when it is released.

Written by Cronan McNamara on April 26 2012

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