Creme Attends IAFP Conference in Milwaukee

The 100th anniversary of the conference was hosted in Milwaukee in the United States and ran from July 31st to August 3rd 2011. The event was attended by many of the key figures in food safety, including US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.

The event covered various aspects of food safety and had over 2,500 food industry specialists in attendance. Attendees ranged from regulators to seed producers, academics to industrial food scientists, laboratory scientists to risk assessors. A good insight was provided into how regulators work across the globe with discussions on “100 Years of Food Law”.  On the final day, US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack gave an inspiring speech on the work of the current work USDA in these budgetary restricted times.

Eimear presented at a technical session on risk assessment. Eimear’s presentation was entitled “Risk Assessment of the Exposure to Dioxins Based on the German Dioxin Scare of 2010-2011 Using the Irish Population”. The work for this presentation was carried out at Creme by the food and nutrition team with Lieke Kuiper as primary contributor. It was an example of Creme’s rapid response model and was completed in a very short turn around time in response to the German dioxin crisis. The presentation compared the results to the Institute of Federal Risk’s (BfR) own response published three weeks later. Please contact for a copy of the Creme report or presentation.

The conference primarily focused on various aspects of microbiological testing and modelling with many posters, sessions, technical sessions and round table discussions dedicated to this area. A dynamic session on the European response to the recent E-Coli crisis (E. coli O104 Outbreak in Europe – Update and Dialogue) was well attended. Creme is currently developing microbiological growth models so these sessions were of great benefit and also demonstrated how important this topic is for food safety. Contact for updates on the development of microbiological growth models.

Overall the IAFP conference was a great source of information and brought many professions within the food industry together. The organisers of this well planned event chose a wonderful location in Milwaukee near the river. The conference highlighted the importance and need for more understanding of microbes and the need for better risk assessment models in the area. Creme will definitely be attending next year’s conference in Rhode Island, to share information on its new models.

Written by Creme Global on August 23 2011

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